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Leibinger in the USA

Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, other machinery is "Made in Germany" and, of course, so is good German beer.  The Americans respect Germany as a high-tech country and enjoy the delights of German brewing. On the one hand, they have developed a taste for good quality, and on the other, many Americans have German roots.

As luck would have it, Kyle Collins and his wife Patricia were visiting her German relatives in Überlingen on Lake Constance in Summer 2008, shortly after their wedding.   The businessman from Dallas, who began his career in the beer industry and worked for two of the largest beer distributors in the county, tasted one of Leibinger's Seeradler beers and was immediately enamoured, and convinced it would sell in the United States.  The consummate businessman, with more than 15 years of sales experience with various Fortune 100 companies, declared to Patricia’s Uncle Fritz, “I’m going to meet Mr. Leibinger, and I’m going to import his beer to the US!”  A few short months later, the first contact was made and the Leibinger Brewery and Collins struck an agreement to name Collins’ company, Rattler, LLC, as its exclusive importer for the US market. Currently, the Zeppelin Beer, Seeweisse, Seeradler Classic and Seeradler Grapefruit are now available in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

"It's fun to take good German beer out into the world", says the head of the brewery, Michael Leibinger, as he revels in the increasing popularity of his beers in the States, where sales volumes are increasing significantly.

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