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History of the Leibinger Brewery

1894 - In Berlin the Reichstag Building opens its doors for the first time, Tower Bridge in London is completed, and Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book is published. In the same year, Max Leibinger I, who just turned 30 and is the son of a brewing family from Ulm, buys the Benedictine Brewery in Ravensburg.  This is the start of a successful family history; full of highs and lows. The company founder proves himself to be an innovator; always open to technical advances, building developments and taking over other breweries, thereby ensuring an ever growing customer base. In 1922, Max Leibinger’s son Robert joins the family business as a master brewer.  On June 17, 1927, the company founder, Max I, dies at the age of 63.

The Leibinger family does not escape the horrors of the Second World War.  In 1941, the office building is gutted by fire, and a year later the brewery is hit by an Allied bomber attack that almost completely destroys the property on Ravensburg's “Bierbuckel” Hill.

Nor do these blows of fate come to an end after the War.  In 1948, Mathilde Leibinger, the wife of Max Leibinger I, the company founder, dies after a long illness.  Shortly after that, Robert, her son and the head of the company, suffers a stroke.  The brewery is then run by Robert’s widow, Anita Leibinger, and their children Max and Doris in the form of a limited partnership.

In 1959, Max Leibinger II takes over the company business and with the aid of considerable investment introduces state-of-the-art technology to the brewery.  Under his leadership, additional types of beer such as wheat beer and non-alcoholic beer are introduced to the market.  When Michael Leibinger, son of Max Leibinger II, joins the company in 1996, the business passes on to the fourth generation.  Michael, a certified master brewer and industrial engineer, has been in charge as the managing partner since 2000.

With the introduction of trendy drinks such as the Max 5.2 and the Seeradler, he is leading the brewery into the next millennium.  As a daring amateur pilot, he is not afraid of taking risks in business either.  He is conquering new markets in the United States, Shanghai and Berlin and adding new products to the portfolio, like Zeppelin Beer and Seeweisse.

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